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noleggio giochi per bambini


1) Are the Pgoplay Games certified?

The Pgoplay Games have been designed and created according to European standards.

2) Does your company provide post-sales assistance?

Yes, certainly, it is also possible to have free telephone helpdesk support. Whenever you need an on-site intervention, the cost will vary depending on the kind of assistance.

3) Is the cost of assembly included in the cost of the game?
No, it isn't. The assembly has an added cost to the quote. The costs are 250 per day with two workers charged to the customer.
4) Do you accept exchanges?
Yes, we do. We buy exchanges.

5) Do you buy used games?

No, we don't. We only treat games to be sold and always only after a careful evaluation by our technicians.

6) Are the games accompanied by a warranty?

Yes, they are. One year warranty.

7) What is included in the warranty?

The warranty includes everything that a classical warranty provides. The product can be replaced only if the damage was caused by a manufacturing defect.
8) Is the quote free?

Absolutely yes, it is. Our sales offices will answer you within max. 24/48 hours following the request, except in ecceptional cases. Please contact us at: info@pgoplay.com

9) If I want to buy your product, must I pay in a single payment or can I pay in instalments?

Payments can be made in two tranches. At the moment of confirmation of the order a payment by bank transfer equal to 30% of the total is required and the rest has to be paid before the delivery; always and only by bank transfer addressed to Paradiso Gonfiabile srl IBAN IT 03 O 02008 04030 000011146103.

10) Are the inflatable games equipped with a label?

Yes, they are. The label confirms the quality and the observance of the current standards by the inflatable games.
11) Are there rules to be followed for the use of the inflables?
For an appropriate use and maintenance of the inflatable game, the Use and Maitenance Manual, which is provided with the game, should always be consulted.

12) Is the motor for the inflatable included in the game?

Yes, it is. It's a powered motor.

13) Can fitness equipment be also installed in gym?

No, they can't be installed in gyms, but they have been designed only for outdoor use.
14) Does fitness equipment need the assistance of an instructor?
They don't need assistance. But you need to follow in detail what is written in the use and warnings manual.
15) Is it possible to view the games before the purchase?
Yes, of course. Pgoplay is pleased to welcome you in its offices, storehouses...rather you can view all the fun areas, parks and different realizations installed on site if they are in your neighborhood. We advise you to see the category. Play Areas - design

16) Is it possible to customize the games?

Yes, the games can be customizable and modular and among these we have: Indoor Playground and Fantasy Castles.
17) I have a place and I want to open a recreational centre, but I don't know where I should begin. Could you help me?
Pgoplay is specialized in the planning and furnishing of play areas. If you have already a place up to standard and you don't know how to organize your recreational centre, contact and send us the place plan at info@pgoplay.com
Pgoplay will create a project for you according to the dimensions of your place, splitting it into areas. For example by providing an area dedicated to birthdays, to inflatables, playground, baby areas or nurseries for small children and even for parents where they can relax while their children have fun.